Oct 13

I wish travel 不指定

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Really stress.
I need be drunk, in peaceful place.
And sleep, either hotel or motel or guest house whatever.
Doesn't need to worry driving.

I'm tired.
Not the body, not the mind, not the heart.
Is my soul.
It is really need a journey of relaxation.

I just feel like against with the freaking mountain on my body in every morning while waking up.

Freelance on hand:
Storyboard, Webpage, may apply as actor for a local movie, may do previous website maintenance later...

Animation Preproduction-> Gantt Chart, Blog Journal, Movie Research, Thumbnails, Script, Storyboard, Poster, Conceptual, Animatic, etc.
Visual Culture-> What to do is keep reading and writing =.=
PPGD-> Website update

Unhappen but will happen anytime: Organize and do our graduate exhibition.

Personal works: Learn & improve 3D skill, Apply for the novel competition, Do a own short experimental film, Anbiarshyz's wedding greeting card, Organize my Bed/Store Room =.=

What a fucking stress???!!!
Can someone share my works to balancing my emo mood? =.=





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